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Our Story

I was tired of my usual.

The foray into the beauty store, carefully looking at each product, checking ingredients on the bottle with one hand and simultaneously browsing on my phone for reviews with the other.

In the end – even more confused than I was when I first started –  I asked asked for a specific recommendation, and was met with the same old answer.  It was the answer I dreaded.  Again.:

‘All the products are good.’

But which ones were best for me?

I left no wiser and wished there was a place where I could find products which had been lovingly created with me in mind.  A place where I could find products which were made with carefully chosen ingredients, crafted with skill and dedication.

Who better to find those products from, than somebody that created their own beauty products, because nothing in the market matched their needs?  Thus Adorli was borne.

Our aim is to be a one-stop shop for the latest and greatest names in independent beauty, with a focus on natural, organic and cruelty-free brands.  Your beauty is unique, and  we don’t believe you should have to endlessly search to find ideal products.   It’s not about trends, or chasing after an ever-changing beauty standard.  It’s a beauty revolution that begins with you.   

Founder – Saidat Giwa-Osagie

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