Chaaboo Lavender Tea Soap

chaaboo is a palm oil free product, vegan friendly and not tested on animals – as approved by PETA.

The exquisite floral scent of chaaboo Lavender Tea Soap made it an instant favourite. It offers a soothing and gentle lavender accord with notes of gentle woods and a soft sweet aroma. This traditionallly scented soap has proved a popular option for customers of all ages.

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Standard size: 85g


Sodium olivate AKA Olive Oil
Sodium cocoate AKA Coconut Oil
Sodium ricate AKA Rice bran oil
Sodium shea butterate AKA Shea butter oil
Camellia sinensis

About Chaaboo

Chaaboo tea soap is a unique creation from Hertfordshire, England. The one-of-a-kind tea soaps are vegan-friendly, palm-oil free and natural with ingredients such as shea butter, coconut oil and olive oil for a soothing bathing experience you won’t forget.


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