If you’d like to try an alternative to classic porcelain, then Tonda is the perfect complement to your home.


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Set-Up Guide


1.Once you are on ‘My Account’ Page head to following: Vendor Dashboard > Settings >  select Payments


2.Click the ‘Connect with Stripe’ button and follow the instructions.

4.Once you are connected you will be led back to Adorli, and see a confirmation message that your account is connected with Stripe. When customers purchase from your shop, this will enable you to receive funds.


1.On the vendor dashboard select ‘Settings’ and then select Store from the sub-menu below.  Here you can edit details about your store, including the name and description.

2,On the same sub-menu, select ‘Branding’ to customise the appearance of your storefront, with a Store Banner and Store Icon.

3.  You can also add social media links on the ‘Social’ sub-menu option.  These will appear on your storefront


1.On the vendor dashboard, select ‘Products

2.To add a product select ‘Add Product’ and enter details accordingly. You can add production description, pricing, images and shipping costs. Please see below for more about Shipping/Delivery.

Add Product

3.If your product is in-draft, choose ‘Save Draft’. To publish your product listing/save changes to your product, choose to ‘Add Product/Save Changes.’

Add Product Final

4. To update your products, go back to the main ‘Products’ page and choose ‘Edit’ under the specific listing.


For global shipping, select your chosen country from the drop down list on the Shipping tab

Currently, the platform’s shipping capability offers one rate per product, and per country, which means if you have multiple modes of delivery to a destination (e.g. standard, priority, express) Adorli can only take one of those shipping types for an order of an product. This is something that will be amended in the future to provide more flexibility.

In the meantime, possible workarounds include utilizing coupon codes to offset the cost of shipping, or providing a shipping method as a product in your store in combination with a free shipping code.

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