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Top Tips for Summer Skincare

The sun is shining, the weather is sweet,  but even with the warmer temperatures, your skin still requires some much-needed TLC.  Here are some quick and handy tips to ensure your skincare is on tip-top form for the rest of the season.

Keep it covered.

‘If I could offer you one piece of advice for the future, sunscreen would be it.’  Whether you’re visiting exotic climes, or catching some rays in your garden, make sure to protect your skin from any harm with some sunscreen.

Knees, elbows, feet

With skincare focus on other body parts, it’s sometimes easy to let your attention slip from areas prone to dryness such as your elbows, feet and knees.  If you’re prone to dryness in those areas, there’s several things you can do to avoid this.  Exfoliate the dry skin so you have a fresher base of skin to work on.  Apart from following Tip 1, apply body creme to affected area, and use natural oils to seal in moisture.

Clean your face

The combination of outdoor elements, sweat and makeup can clog up your skin.  For some freshness, make sure you clean your face each night before bed.

Check your ingredients

Love the skin you’re in, but also learn the skin you’re in too.  If you’re using a particular product on your skin and if you notice anything odd (e.g. use of a product in summer produces  unwanted skin irregularities) pause  your use.  You may want to go a little Sherlock and investigate what you’re actually putting on your skin, to see if there’s any link to your reaction.    With a little bit of research and feedback from an expert such as a dermatologist, you can determine which products to avoid and which to use for the warmer months.

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